Research Projects

Advancing justice and public safety through applied research

  • Knowledge Generation
  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Knowledge Mobilization

JIBC Office of Applied Research & Graduate Studies supports research both through the Centre for Research, Innovation & Scholarship and projects housed within specific Schools. The Centre for Research, Innovation & Scholarship projects focus on multi- or interdisciplinary initiatives, while JIBC Schools engage in applied research within their specific areas of expertise, domains and disciplines.

JIBC research approaches applied problems from the perspective of the first responder. The Centre for Research, Innovation & Scholarship collaborates with public and private sector partners to attract and secure ongoing funding. Our multi-million dollar research portfolio includes grants, contract, and proposal commitments. The results of these projects lead to improvements in public policy, community awareness, field practice, and improved education for those who keep our communities safe.

For detailed descriptions of these projects see the CRIS and Research in JIBC Schools.
Please also see the Summary List of Approved JIBC Research Ethical Reviewsa and the JIBC Library

Last updated January 21, 2019