Returning Students

This information is for Returning Students who have completed JIBC courses prior to July 1, 2015, do not have a new JIBC Student Number (ex. your student number begins with the number '1'), and are interested obtaining their student information, taking additional courses, looking for new JIBC course codes, and/or applying for a JIBC Program.

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How to Obtain a New JIBC Student Number

JIBC students who have completed courses or programs prior to July 1, 2015 will need to obtain a new JIBC Student Number. Their previous student number will no longer be usable in JIBC's new Student Information System. 

After July 1, 2015, Returning Students will automatically receive a new Student Number when they:

  • Register for a Continuing Studies Course;
  • Apply and be accepted into a JIBC Program;
  • Are enrolled in a contract training course or program by their employer.

How to Get Your Student Transcript

Unofficial Transcripts

Students looking to obtain their unofficial transcripts of courses completed before April 1, 2015 are asked to complete the Help Request Form and select the "Unofficial Transcript" category. 

Help Request Form Screenshot

Grades for courses completed after April 1, 2015 should be available when you log in to the myJIBC Portal, access WebAdvisor and select “Academic Profile" as shown below:

WebAdvisor for Students Academic Profile

Click on "Transcript" to obtain your Unofficial Transcript:

WebAdvisor for Students Academic Dropdown

Official Transcripts

For an Official Transcript (signed and sealed) please use the Request for Official Transcript form.

How to Find New JIBC Course Codes

As of July 1, 2015, JIBC changed its course codes as part of the Institute’s migration to a new Student Information System. If you are familiar with an old Course Code for a course, you can look up the new Course Code online at our dedicated Course Code Search webpage.

Course Code Search Screenshot

How to Register for a Continuing Studies (CS) Course

Students who are looking to register in a JIBC Continuing Studies course can do so by using the JIBC Course Catalogue.

Here is a step-by-step guide to assist in registering for your course:

  1. After you have searched the JIBC Course Catalogue and found the course you are interested in, click the "Register" button for the Course Section you would like to take.

    Course Catalogue Register Button

  2. After you click the Register link, You will be directed to JIBC's WebAdvisor Service. Select the Course Section and then click "Submit." 

    Course Section Selection from Catalogue

  3. Next, complete the Citizenship Form. If you are a Canadian student, make sure you select Canadian/Permanent Resident in order to receive Canadian tuition rates. Once you have completed the form, click “Submit."

  4. Complete the “Continuing Studies Registration Form” and click "Submit."

  5. Complete the “Optional Information” Form and click “Submit.”

  6. Complete your registration by paying for your course online with the “Pay for Classes” Form and Paypal Payment Information Form.

  7. Following completion of your registration.

    After you have completed your registration process, you will receive a confirmation of your registration via email and subsequent communications from JIBC will provide information about your course.




Course Code SearchRegister for CS CourseApply for a Program

If you have further questions that are not answered here:

  • Please review our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Submit your question using JIBC’s Online Request Help Form (a response will be provided within 48 hours).
  • Contact Student Services at (a response will be provided within 48 hours).
  • If the matter is urgent, call Student Services at 604.525.5422 (toll-free 1.888.865.7764) Monday - Friday 8:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. We are currently experiencing high volumes of student contact, however we will do our best to serve you. Thank you for your patience.

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