Current Students

This information is for Current Students who are currently enrolled in a JIBC Continuing Studies Course and/or have been accepted into a JIBC Program.

Current Students will have a JIBC Student Number which begins with the letter 'j' followed by 7 digits (for example, j0001234), and can access and update their student information, check their class schedules, pay for courses, register for additional Continuing Studies courses, and more through the myJIBC Portal.

If you are a Returning Student who completed a course prior to July 1, 2015 and do not have, or do not know, your new JIBC Student Number (ex. your student number begins with a number "1"), please visit the Returning Students webpage for answers to common questions.

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How to Access your Student Information

All JIBC students in a JIBC Program and currently enrolled in a Continuing Studies Course have User IDs and Passwords to access the myJIBC Portal where they will be able to access all their relevant Student Information. 

myJIBC Portal Home Page Screenshot

To access the myJIBC Portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Student User ID
    A Student User ID begins with a 'j' followed by 7 digits (for example, j0001234). If you do not know it you can find out What's your User ID
  3. Enter your Password
    If you do not remember it, you can Reset your Password

How to Navigate the myJIBC Student Portal

The myJIBC Portal home page provides a variety of web parts that students can access.

myJIBC screenshot

My Classes

All of your classes that have an online component will be listed here from the first day of classes. Click on the Title to access the Course.

myJIBC My Classes Screenshot


WebAdvisor provides a variety of self-service options to students. 

myJIBC WebAdvisor for Students

Select the “WebAdvisor for Students” menu item for the following options:

1. User Account: Where you can change your password, update your address.
2. Financial Information: View your payments and account balances, print a statement and pay your fees. To pay your fees online:

1) In the Self-Service Menu, click on “WebAdvisor for Students”
2) From the drop-down menu, click on “Financial Information.”
3) From the drop-down menu, click on “View Account and Make Payment.”
4) Click on “Make a Payment.”
5) Follow the steps to complete an online payment.

3. Continuing Studies Registration: Here you can register in a Continuing Studies class (where payment due at the time of registration).
4. Academic Profile: View your Grades or review your Transcript or your Class Schedule or your Profile. 

Additional Features 

Additional features within the myJIBC Portal includes sections for announcements from the Registrar's Office, bookmarks, team sites, quick links to important JIBC information, and news about JIBC.

How to Access your Online Courses

Students in online courses that began prior to June 30, 2015 can log in and access their course at

If your online course began July 1, 2015 or later, you should be able to log in at

eLearn ButtonLo in to myJIBC Button

Please note that if a course has yet to start, access to the course will be available in the “My Current Classes” section of the myJIBC portal ordinarily on the first day of the scheduled start of the class.

myJIBC Portal MyClasses Focus Screenshot

Some answers to common questions are also available within the myJIBC Portal:

myJIBC Help screenshot

How to Register for a Continuing Studies (CS) Course

Current Students who are looking to register in a JIBC Continuing Studies (CS) course can do so within the myJIBC Portal.

After you have searched the JIBC Course Catalogue, and found the course you are interested in, log in to the myJIBC Portal to register for the course by clicking on the "WebAdvisor for Students" link.

CS Reg in myJIBC

Here is a step-by-step guide to assist in registering for your course:

  1. To register for the course, please note the Course Code (ex. “CRES-1100”) from the Course Catalogue and then log in to the myJIBC Portal:

    myJIBC Portal Main Page
  2. Once you have logged in, go to the Self-Service Menu:
     myJIBC Self Service Menu

  3. Click on "WebAdvisor for Students" and from the drop-down menu, click on "Continuing Studies REG":
    Continuing Studies REG myJIBC
  4. Click on “Register and Pay for Continuing Studies”:

  5. Input the Course Code (ex. “CRES-1100-NW001” for the specific course date you want; or “CRES-1100” to view all the available dates for the course):
  6. Select the course you want to register in and then click “Submit” at the bottom of the page:

  7. Complete the General Registration Information screen by selecting "General Studies" and then click “Submit”:

  8. Complete the “Optional Information” Form and click “Submit”.

  9. Complete your registration by paying for your course online with the “Pay for Classes” Form and Paypal Payment Information Form.

  10. Following completion of your registration.

    After you have completed your registration process, you will receive a confirmation via email and subsequent communications will provide information about your course. You may also confirm what courses you are registered for.

How to Register for Program Courses

Current Students in a JIBC Program that need to register for their courses that begin in an upcoming semester are asked to contact a Program Assistant from the relevant JIBC Division.

How to Pay for your Courses

Continuing Studies Courses

JIBC students that have registered for a Continuing Studies Course will have paid for their course as part of the registration process. 

Program Courses

Students accepted into a JIBC Program are able to pay for their courses from the myJIBC Portal. 

How to Get Your Student Transcript

Unofficial Transcripts

Students looking to obtain their unofficial transcripts of courses completed before April 1, 2015 are asked to complete the Help Request Form and select the "Unofficial Transcript" category. 

Help Request Form Screenshot

Grades for courses completed after April 1, 2015 should be available when you log in to myJIBC, access WebAdvisor and select “Academic Profile" as shown below:

WebAdvisor for Students Screenshot

Click on "Transcript" to obtain your Unofficial Transcript:

Academic Profile Screenshot

Official Transcripts

For an Official Transcript (signed and sealed) please use the Request for Official Transcript form.





Log in to myJIBCAccess online courses



If you have further questions that are not answered here:



  • Please review our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Submit your question using JIBC’s Online Request Help Form (a response will be provided within 48 hours).
  • Contact Student Services at (a response will be provided within 48 hours).
  • If the matter is urgent, call Student Services at 604.525.5422 (toll-free 1.888.865.7764) Monday - Friday 8:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. We are currently experiencing high volumes of student contact, however we will do our best to serve you. Thank you for your patience.

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