Incident Command System

Prepare your team with on-site, online or customized Incident Command System training from Canada's leading public safety educator.

Are you looking for an Incident Command System (ICS) course to be delivered online or on-site at your location? Or do you need a customized training session developed to meet the specific needs of your team? The Emergency Management Division is able to provide customized and site-specific courses to all of our clients. We can adapt our existing ICS courses or design new courses to meet your needs.

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Why Choose JIBC Incident Command System Training?

The Emergency Management Division is able to provide customized and site-specific Incident Command System/Incident Management System training to any organization on site at your location - whether you're in Ontario, British Columbia - or any location across Canada or internationally. Here are a few reasons to consider JIBC applied ICS training for your organization:

  • Accredited or customized training from a Canadian public post-secondary institution specifically focused on justice and public safety studies
  • More than 20 years experience training private and public organizations across Canada
  • Real-world instructors with hands-on emergency management experience who are requested by our clients time and time again
  • Experience training federal, provincial and local government agencies, first response agencies, large utility, transportation and other private organizations, and volunteer groups
  • On-site training saves you time, transportation and productivity costs over sending your employees away for training
  • You can choose to hold training at your location, a conference centre, a hotel room or one of our campuses.

Who Should Take This Training?

Incident Command System training is appropriate for any organization or team that requires personnel to respond to an emergency event on site:

  • First response agencies such as fire, police and ambulance
  • Federal, provincial and local government agencies
  • Organizations commonly involved in community response at a site level, such as transportation and utilities
  • Any private or public organization requiring employees to respond to incidents at their location, and liaise with first responder personnel. For example, security personnel at a hospital responding to a fire in the building or a university emergency team responding to a flood in their building.

Incident Command System training is also invaluable for site-support personnel (Emergency Operations Centre or Department Operations Centre), to enable them to effectively understand and liaise with responders on site.

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What Will You Learn?

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a recognized model for command, control and coordination of response at an emergency site. Through JIBC’s series of ICS courses and services, you and your team will learn a common response management model – so you can more effectively respond to emergencies and integrate smoothly with response agencies across North America.

  • Swiftly respond to emergencies and disasters
  • Effectively liaise with outside agencies and site support levels
  • Ensure your team is properly trained and speaks a common language

Customized Training Options

We can adapt existing courses or design new courses to meet your needs. All custom courses are designed in consultation with you, the client, and in reference to any of your relevant standards.

Delivery Format

JIBC Incident Command System courses are available on-site at your location anywhere across Canada or internationally. Because you pick the location, you save on transportation and accommodation costs, time away from work, and productivity gaps. We come to you whether it's at your office, a conference centre or a hotel meeting room. Or you can choose to have the course delivered at one of our campuses. You may also prefer to have your team take applicable courses online.


CourseCourse CodeHours
Incident Command System Level 100EMRG-1200Online or 1 day on-site
Incident Command System Level 200EMRG-12202 days
Incident Command System Level 300EMRG-12302 days
Incident Command System Level 400EMRG-12403 days



Municipalities, Regional Districts, and First Nations communities in British Columbia requiring training are invited to apply for the JIBC Community Public Safety Award. Up to $2,000 is available for each eligible community towards the cost of specialized emergency management training provided by JIBC. For more information and deadline, please contact Bettina Falloon:


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Municipalities, Regional Districts and First Nations communities throughout the province of British Columbia with first responders and EOC personnel requiring training are invited to apply for an award of up to $2000 towards Incident Command Level 200, 300, 400 or Emergency Operations Centre Essentials. For more information visit BC Hydro Community Safety Award 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Are you seeking continuing education opportunities to maintain professional certification?

JIBC’s Emergency Management Division has been helping government agencies, private organizations and communities build strong emergency management teams and resilient communities and organizations for more than 20 years. Our emergency management training also provides Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to various professional certification programs. Click here for a list of established CEU agreements. For more information on CEUs, please contact

Access Free ICS Resources

Visit My EM Resources to download free ICS resources, including:

  • Training tools and videos
  • Exercises
  • Interactive organization charts
  • Interactive incident scenes
  • ICS forms

Last updated January 15, 2019