Emergency Operations Centre

Prepare your team with on-site, online or customized Emergency Operations Centre training from Canada's leading public safety educator.

Are you looking for an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) course to be delivered on-site at your location? Or do you need a customized training session developed to meet the specific needs of your team?

The Emergency Management Division is able to provide customized and site-specific courses to all of our clients.  We can adapt our existing EOC courses or design new courses to meet your needs.

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Who Should Take This Training?

JIBC’s Emergency Operations Centre courses are ideal for any public or private organization looking to build an effective site-support team. This includes:

  • Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) teams within government agencies or private organizations
  • Department Operations Centre (DOC) teams within government agencies or private organizations
  • Elected officials, or any city or organizational personnel who need to understand EOC and DOC functions
  • First responders who need to liaise with EOC or DOC functions during an event

What Will You Learn?

Through our series of Emergency Operations Centre courses, your team will learn:

  • How to set up and staff an EOC
  • The organizational structure of an EOC
  • EOC planning
  • Site support operations within an Incident Command System structure
  • Fundamentals of supporting the needs of response departments and agencies during emergencies and disasters
  • Specific functions in an EOC, including Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance and Administration



Course CodeHours
Introduction to Emergency Operations Centres EMRG-1300online or distance
Emergency Operations Centre Essentials EMRG-13202 days
Emergency Operations Centre: Operations SectionEMRG-13301 day
Emergency Operations Centre Level 3: Planning EMRG-13311 day
Emergency Operations Centre: Logistics SectionEMRG-13321 day
Emergency Operations Centre: Finance SectionEMRG-13331 day


Customized Courses and Workshops

Emergency Operations Centre Overview
Your team will learn basic Emergency Operations Centre concepts. This workshop is designed for those with little or no knowledge of EOCs. (1 day)

Applied Emergency Operations Centre
The next step in your EOC-training apply your learning through an EOC simulation in a low-stress environment. (1 day)

Emergency Operations Centre Executive Overview
Your executive or management team will learn the basic concepts of an Emergency Operations Centre and understand the relationship to their role as executives. (1 day)

Emergency Operations Centre Finance and Logistics Combined Overview
An overview of the finance and logistics functions in an EOC. (1 day)

You may also be interested in our Incident Command System, Exercise Design or specialized Emergency Management training options.


Delivery Format

All JIBC Emergency Operations Centre courses are available on-site at your location anywhere across Canada or internationally. Because you pick the location, you save on transportation and accommodation costs, time away from work, and productivity gaps. We come to you whether it's at your office, a conference centre or a hotel meeting room. Or you can choose to have the course delivered at one of our campuses. Some courses are also available online. 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Are you seeking continuing education opportunities to maintain professional certification?

JIBC’s Emergency Management Division has been helping government agencies, private organizations and communities build strong emergency management teams and resilient communities and organizations for more than 20 years. Our emergency management training also provides Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to various professional certification programs. Click here for a list of established CEU agreements. For more information on CEUs, please contact emergency@jibc.ca.

Last updated January 12, 2019