Liberal Studies

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Liberal studies are courses of study designed to broaden a learner’s skill and understanding beyond the requirements of an area of specialization. The courses involve interdisciplinary examinations of knowledge from different subject areas, and help develop foundational skills in order to synthesize learning into a coherent whole in order to serve students’ career and life goals.

JIBC offers core liberal studies courses for its certificate, diploma and degree programs and accepts credit for completion of equivalent courses from other BC post-secondary institutions. Liberal studies courses completed in provinces and countries outside BC may be evaluated for equivalency at the student’s expense.

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Liberal studies provide foundational skills to help students apply their specialized learning more successfully in labour market and community settings including:

  • critical thinking
  • problem-solving
  • communications
  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • teamwork
  • and self-awareness.

These skills are highly valued in most workplaces and can be applied to any field requiring analytical thought.

Open Textbooks
JIBC students in some liberal studies courses (specifically public safety courses) will be using open textbooks. JIBC open textbooks benefit students by reducing textbook expenses, without sacrificing teaching and learning quality.

Who Are the Courses For?

The JIBC Liberal Studies courses are designed for:

  • individuals who are interested in developing foundational skills.
  • students who are enrolled in a JIBC certificate or diploma program which requires core liberal studies courses for completion.
  • future applicants to JIBC certificate or diploma programs who would like to complete prerequisite(s) or core liberal studies course(s) in preparation for program acceptance.

Some JIBC programs for which liberal studies courses are requirements include:


Students may be eligible to enroll in these courses without enrolling in a program. In some cases, a student might choose to complete liberal studies courses in preparation for future application to a JIBC program.

Please note some of the courses require a prerequisite.

20WI Semester   
Jan 6-Apr 17/2020Academic WritingENGL-1100 3
Jan 6-Apr 17/2020Applied EthicsETHS-1100
Jan 6-Apr 17/2020Introduction to StatisticsSTATS-1100 3
Jan 6-Apr 17/2020Critical Reading and WritingENGL-1110 3
Jan 6-Apr 17/2020Introduction to PsychologyPSYC-1100 3


English 12/ English 12 First Peoples

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