JIBC was established as a Provincial Institute through an Order-In-Council by the Attorney General and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in April 1978 to perform the following functions:

  • provide courses of instruction which are consistent with identified needs specifically for, but not limited to, Police, Corrections, Courts and Sheriffs;
  • identify the educational and specific training needs for all components of the British Columbia Justice System, including fire services;
  • develop a co-operative system of co-ordination between its own programmes and those of the other Institutes, colleges, universities, public schools and community-based organizations; and
  • provide a provincial forum for discussion and examination of justice and socially-related issues.

As defined under the BC College & Institutes Act, the Board of Governors is responsible for informing, directing and monitoring the activities of the Institute toward the achievement of its strategic objectives and those of Ministry of Advanced education.

Responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Institute is delegated to the President who leads an Executive Team, which is guided by a number of policies, established by the Board of Governors.

Last updated January 11, 2019