Research Policies & Procedures

The JIBC has developed a suite of six policies and twenty-two procedures to support the JIBC's strategic research plan and accomplish its research goals. These provide the framework and direction for research undertaken by the JIBC.

All JIBC Policies and Procedures are available in the Governance section of the website.  The Strategic Plan & Reports section has the current JIBC Strategic Plan, Academic Plan, Institutional Accountability Plan, Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements.

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JIBC Research Policies

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1. Academic Freedom (Applied Research) Policy

2. Commercialization of Research Intellectual Property Policy

3. Integrity of Research and Scholarship Policy

4. Intellectual Property Policy

5. Research on Human Participants Ethics Policy

6. Applied Research Overhead Policy

Applied Research Overhead Policy

Research involving Aboriginal Peoples, research workshop, November 2009
Photo, left to right: Dr. Richard Atleo, Hereditary Chief Nuu-chah-nulth people, Ahousaht First Nation; 
Velten Pilger, Research Coordinator, NEARBC, UVIC.

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