Research Ethics Board

The mandate of the JIBC Research Ethics Board is to protect participants from research-related harm while respecting the duties and rights of the researchers and investigators involved in the activities.

To submit a request for ethical review
Phone: 604.528.5848

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The Research Ethics Board (REB) reviews ethical acceptability of research proposals as per the JIBC Research on Human Participants Policy. This process is consistent with the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS2).


The JIBC grants the REB the mandate to review the ethical acceptability of research on behalf of the institution, including approving, rejecting, proposing modifications to, or terminating any proposed or ongoing research involving human participants that is conducted under the auspices or within the jurisdiction of the institution, using the considerations set forth in the Governance of JIBC Research Ethics Board (REB) Procedure.

Full Board Reviews & Minimal Risk Reviews & Approval

Full Board Reviews

All Ethical Review applications need to be submitted at a minimum, one week prior to the meeting date and preferably two weeks prior to allow dissemination of information to members. 

Deadlines for submissions to the REB for full Board review are strictly observed. Submissions must be received by noon of the submission date. Any applications received after the deadline date will be deferred to the next meeting date. 

Minimal Risk Review 

If your research qualifies for Minimal Risk Review it will be reviewed by three members of the REB in an expedited manner. The review of your project will take one week or more, depending on the complexity of the research and the level of risk. If it is deemed a higher risk, it may be redirected to a full Board Review, which lengthens the turnaround time.

Notification of Approval 

The Principal Investigator or the primary contact will be notified by email with the signed approved ethical form.

List of Approved Requests for JIBC Research Ethics Review (2006 - current)

Research Ethics Board (REB) Members

Chair: Darren Blackburn
Vice-Chair: Dr. Ron Bowles

School of Public Safety

  • Darren Blackburn
  •  Megan Mercer

 School of Health, Community & Social Justice

  • Ben Coulas
  • Dr. Ron Bowles

School of Criminal Justice & Security

  • Shirley Anderson
  • Carlo Avenido

Centre for Graduate Studies & Academic Planning

  • Bob Walker

Faculty/Staff Member

  • Dr. Kim Polowek

Community Members

  • Dr. Elspeth McDougall
  • Tim Stiles
  • Dr. Elle Ting
  • Dr. Firoz Verjee

Resource Member (non-voting)

  • Helen Dragatsi, Centre for Research, Innovation & Scholarship

Research Resource (non-member)

  • Dr. Greg Anderson, Dean, Office of Applied Research & Graduate Studies
  • Karen Hodson, Administrative Research Assistant, OARGS

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