Training & Investigation Aids

We offer several tools for purchase, which can be used in driver-related activities.

DEC Drivers Handbook

Driver's HandbookThis handbook was designed for all drivers - from professionals and race car enthusiasts, to commuters and new drivers. The text is presented in a format that is informative and easy to understand. The facts and opinions are based on accurate research and thousands of hours of hands-on instructor experience.

To order this book, please contact DEC at 604-528-5891.

Investigative Templates

DEC has exclusive Canadian distribution rights for the sale of metric templates designed by R.W. Rivers for the Institute of Police Technology and Management. These templates are for use by law enforcement officers, engineers, lawyers, insurance claims adjusters, and all persons concerned with traffic accident and crime scene investigations.

All templates are listed below. For full details, click the blue name.

To order templates, please contact DEC at 604-528-5891

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Blueblitz Traffic Template

This template contains symbols most frequently required for traffic accident investigation drawings. All vehicle cutouts are cross-referenced to corresponding wheel sizes.

The template is pliable and damage-resistant, non-reflective with highly visible markings, and the clearly illustrated instruction booklet makes the template easy to use. It also incorporates a protractor, speed nomograph with easy to read numbers, and a clinometer for use on grades up to 25%.

Crime Scene Template

This 8" square template enables the investigator to draw an infinite array of structures and objects to scale using scaled cutouts and straight edges, as well as draw objects in their proper location on a diagram using the polar coordinate system. The template has cutouts for the human body (front/rear/side views) and an assortment of objects commonly associated with crime scenes (weapons, furniture, shrubbery).

The template comes with an instruction card illustrating the use of polar coordinates and the use of scales.

Miniblitz Field Sketch Template

This pocket size template is intended for use at the traffic accident scene for making quick sketches. Investigators can draw vehicles, persons, and other elements conveniently and recognizably for quick reference.

The template cutouts are not to scale, but distance scales in both feet and meters are provided for recording pertinent measures.

Nautiblitz Marine Template

The template is a versatile aid to drawing scale diagrams of marine accidents. It contains both U.S. and metric scales and enables the investigator to render any type, shape and size vessel showing top or side views. There are also cutouts for boar superstructures, sails, rudders, people, buoys and other elements, as well as directional signs and arrows.

The template incorporates distance scales, protractor and a compass rose. The 8" x 10 1/2" template fits into a standard three ring binder and comes with a card explaining the symbols and instructions for use.

Rigblitz Commercial Vehicle Traffic Template

This metric template comes in two scales: 1:100 cm and 1:200 cm. It is designed expressly for drawing scale diagrams of accidents involving commercial vehicles. The cutouts allow any type and shape of cab and truck body or tractor and trailer to be drawn in any configuration, as well as automobiles, railroad engines and cars.

The template also contains a full contingent of cutouts for traffic signs and signals, people, animals and other elements. It incorporates a protractor, and a fully illustrated instruction manual is also included.

Last updated January 12, 2019