Canine Security Validation

The Justice Institute of British Columbia’s Private Security Industry Canine Program administers the validation of the canine teams for licensed Security Workers and trained canines.

Validation is based on the minimum performance standards developed by JIBC and the Ministry of Justice (Security Programs and Police Technology Division).

Security businesses and security guards using dogs while providing security services in British Columbia must hold an authorization from the Registrar to offer this type of service.

In order to make application for the authorization to use dogs for security work, individuals must successfully complete the Validation Standards Competency test through JIBC. Further information can be found on the Security Services website - Section 13 of the Security Services Regulation and Section 3.5 of Security Programs Licensing Policy Manual Section.

Validation Tests

The validation tests are conducted by a JIBC qualified evaluator for the JIBC in accordance with the Security Dog Validation Standards handout. Validations must be renewed each year. 

The validation tests or required tasks are designed to determine the proficiency and reliability of the canine team in two distinct profiles:

  • Protection (including Human Scent detection)
  • Signature Odour Scent Work (Narcotic or Explosives)

Successful Completion

Students will receive a Canine Security Validation certificate for the profile which they validated in, and a copy of their validation test results.

Last updated April 15, 2019