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Start your Career as a Security Professional.

Security Training Programs develops and offers security related training courses, such as basic and advanced security training, gaming security, and other specialized courses.

The Registrar of the Security Programs Division, Policing and Security Programs Branch of the Ministry of Justice regulates the security industry in British Columbia, including licensing and compliance.  JIBC is responsible, on behalf of the Registrar, for the development and maintenance of training standards, and the administration of Security Training under the Security Services Act. This includes the administration of monitored examinations for security courses, the inspection and quality control of schools and approved security instructors.


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Mandatory Training

Under the Security Services Act, security professionals are required to complete mandatory training prior to eligibility for provincial licensing.  Basic Security Training must be completed through an approved training school.

Pre-Requisites:  You must be 19 years of age before you can obtain your License to work as a security professional. 

Security Services Act

The Security Services Act was brought into force with the Security Services Regulation in September 2008.  The Security Services Act enhances public safety by ensuring consistent and appropriate standards across the security industry.

All types of security businesses and security workers are required to hold a valid Security Business or Security Worker License under the terms set out by the Act, its regulations, and license conditions.  The Act outlines training requirements under its regulations.

JIBC currently administers the following programs under this Act:

Under Agreement with BCLC, the JIBC is also under Agreement to administer mandated Gaming Security Training. 

Security Businesses and Security Workers that Require Licensing:

  • Security Guards
  • Security Alarm Services, Sales, Monitoring and/or Response
  • Armoured Car
  • Security Consultant
  • Locksmith
  • Door Staff
  • Body Guards
  • Closed Circuit Television Installer
  • Electronic Locking Device Installer (Access Control)
  • In-house security guard
  • In-house private investigator
  • Bodyguard
  • Doorperson at licensed liquor establishments

Security Training Program Forms

Licensing (Renewals, Applications and Inquiries)

The JIBC is responsible for certification only.  Licensing inquiries must be directed to the Security Programs Division, Policing and Security Programs Branch of the Ministry of Justice.

Please Note: You must be 19 years of age before you apply for your Basic Security Training License.

Contact:  1.855.587.0185

Online Exam Access

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