Auxiliary/Reserve Program

JIBC, under the direction of the Police Services Division, Ministry of Justice, is responsible for conducting examinations for the standardized Provincial training program for Auxiliary & Reserve Constable Programs operated by police agencies in BC.


What is an Auxiliary or Reserve Constable?

Auxiliary Constables operate within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as British Columbia's Provincial Police force, while Reserve Constables operate within Independent Municipal Police Departments. They assist police agencies with community-based policing and crime prevention programs in a volunteer capacity, and may also assist police officers in the field under certain circumstances.

The Auxiliary/Reserve Constable Program operates under the authority of the Police Services Division, Ministry of Justice. An Auxiliary Constable receives an appointment from the province as an Auxiliary Constable. A Reserve Constable receives an appointment as a Special Municipal Constable under the Reserve Constable Program appointed by the Independent Municipal Police Board

Training Program

Auxiliary/Reserve Constables must complete a 92-hour basic training program conducted by their agency before being eligible for an appointment. Topics include law, police procedure, professionalism, effective presentations, and public contact. Written and practical examinations are part of the training program. Each department or detachment may provide further training in addition to the 92-hour basic training.


Interested in serving your community as an Auxiliary or Reserve Constable?

Contact your local RCMP Detachment or independent Municipal Police Department for further information on engagement requirements and program directives.

Last updated March 11, 2016