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May 1, 2019

UK Fire Service College & JIBC partner for international exchange opportunities

Recent JIBC firefighting grads complete first UK study-abroad program

Nick Cirillo and Rorie Moir at UK Fire College 2019Nick Cirillo and Rorie Moir are JIBC firefighter graduates who attended the UK Fire Service College with help from the One World International Scholarship and The JIBC Foundation.


Providing students and instructors with new opportunities to gain an international perspective in firefighting is one of the goals of a new partnership between the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s (JIBC) Fire & Safety Division and the UK Fire Service College (FSC).

Two JIBC firefighter graduates recently completed a study-abroad program at FSC, the first opportunity for JIBC students to learn about firefighting and firefighter training in the UK through this partnership.

JIBC’s graduates were supported in the program by the Irving K. Barber One World International Scholarship with additional funding from The Justice Institute of British Columbia Foundation. While at the college, they observed and participated in FSC training, worked alongside FSC Incident Ground Support Staff preparing a range of exercises, and met with crews from UK emergency services.

“I am so proud of the recent graduates of JIBC’s Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate program for their exemplary efforts while attending the UK Fire Service College as part of this international exchange opportunity,” said Craig Richardson, Director of JIBC’s Fire & Safety Division. “This is an excellent example of how fire training agencies can help fire service professionals learn from one another in the interest of enhancing public safety. I am very hopeful that this experience will foster a long term relationship between our agencies, staff and students in future.”

“The Fire Service College is delighted to be able to work in partnership with the Justice Institute of British Columbia to foster a relationship that is mutually beneficial to our staff and learners,” said Richard Johnes, Head of Service Delivery for The Fire Service College. “As the only centre in Europe accredited to the US-based National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, the FSC sees significant value in utilising the expertise of JIBC in building our own NFPA program and enhancing our instructors’ knowledge in the delivery of international standards. The experience gained from this initial exchange gives both sides a clear understanding of how we can grow this program and enhance the learning and development of both our learners and staff.”


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Last updated October 8, 2019