Writing Skills

How to ...

Annotated Bibliographies                                     APA Citations
Critiques Essays
Executive Summaries Literature Reviews
Note-taking Proofreading & Editing
Punctuation: Commas Punctuation: Fragments/Run-ons/Comma Splices
Punctuation: Semicolons & Colons Thesis Statements

Here are some tips ...

  1. Work on your writing skillsThese are particularly important as in many cases the only impressions people will have of you is through your writing. If you are experiencing any difficulties, drop by the JIBC Library for books and online resources to help you.
  2. Check out the Writing Skills section of the JIBC Library’s Study Skills bibliography.
  3. Use the "buddy system" – find someone else in your home, work group or study group who might be willing to look over your written work and suggest improvements. It is prudent to have someone read your material before it is submitted.
  4. View the Writing Essentials Video

Last updated January 17, 2019