As of February 18, 2015 we no longer are able to request a CIP as we are considered a provincial publisher.  See

Steps to take in order to obtain an ISBN

1.  Ensure that all material contained in your publication that is not owned by the JIBC has been cleared through the applicable copyright owner.

If your publication is to be distributed to non-JIBC students, it should not contain any third-party material that has not been cleared for copyright. Since material cleared for copyright is intended for use by JIBC students only, it must be removed from any JIBC publication that will be distributed to non-students.

2.  Send an email requesting an ISBN to the Library.  Include answers to the following information:

  1. Does this document contain third party material?
  2. Is this document the 1st edition?
  3. Please include a copy of the title page, copyright page and table of contents.

3.  The Library contacts the B.C. Legislative Library to  obtain an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) or ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) for journals and newsletters.

  • An ISBN is needed for all publications that will be sold or distributed outside the JIBC or to non-students.
  • A new ISBN is needed any time a new publication, a revised edition, or a new edition is produced.
  • The ISSN is permanently associated with the title of a publication.  A new ISSN is only needed when the title of a serial publication changes, even if it is a slight change.
  • The turnaround time to receive the ISBN or ISSN is approximately 1 week.

4.  Once we receive the ISBN, the information will be forwarded to you.

5.  Once your new publication is complete, please bring 2 copies to the Library:

  • 2 copies will go to the Legislative Library 

When is a new ISBN needed?

A new ISBN is needed if there is a new version of a publication, with any changes.

If the changes are not considered significant enough to call the newer version a new edition, then it can be called a 'revised edition'. For instance, a second edition that contains minimal changes can be called a 'second edition revised' rather than a 'third edition'.

If however, a second edition contains major changes, it should be called a 'third edition'.

Regardless of the amount of change, once any changes are made, a new ISBN should be requested through the Library.  These changes relate to the intellectual property of the publication, not spelling corrections or formatting changes.

Non-governmental agencies

Non-governmental agencies must go directly to the Canadian ISBN Agency of Library & Archives Canada to obtain an ISBN and a CIP. Telephone: 819.994.6872 or Fax: 819.997.7517. Email: 

Please contact the Library if you have any questions.

Last updated January 12, 2019