Formating Copyright and Title Pages

Copyright Page

  • The copyright page is used for copyright and publication information, and the CIP (including the ISBN). 
  • It's located on the back of the title page. 

We recommend ensuring your copyright notice allows for copying for non-commercial or educational purposes.  One way of doing so is by applying a Creative Commons license to your work (view their 1-page handout).  For assistance, contact the Library.

The sample copyright page below contains the most stringent copyright notice ("all rights reserved")

Title Page

Books/Reports (JIBC Publications)

Journal articles/Theses/Dissertations

Applied Research - Pre-publication (submitting manuscript to a publisher)

  • Sample Title page 
  • Sample Author note
    The author note (optional) is used for authors' affiliation, acknowledgements (grants and financial support), professional contributions, any necessary disclosures, and disclaimers. The note also provides the user with information as to how to contact the author.

Applied Research - JIBC as publisher (reports, articles)

The above title pages were developed following guidelines from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association that is used as a guide in the preparation of manuscripts for journal publications, theses, dissertations, and student papers.

Last updated January 12, 2019