Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department at JIBC is more than just a gateway or portal for job postings and general personnel information.

The Human Resources team provides advice and counseling to all staff on human resources matters.  HR is responsible for all recruitment, employee relations, collective agreement negotiations, compensation, benefits, job classification, performance management & professional development systems, human resources related policies, employment equity and employee records, as well as strategies and programs related to organization development, succession and workforce planning, and employee engagement. 

HR oversees JIBC’s Harassment policy and procedures including selection and training of harassment advisors, implementation and monitoring of online training for all staff, and selection of mediators and investigators.

The JIBC Human Resources department is also a great resource for employees seeking career advancement advice; help with resume writing, and job applications, information about benefits and pension, and professional development. 

The Human Resources team is located at the New Westminster Campus:

Human Resources
Justice Institute of British Columbia
715 McBride Boulevard
New Westminster, BC
V3L 5T4

Phone: 604.528.5508
Fax: 604.528.5607

Last updated January 18, 2019